Examining the Creation and Magic of the Air Conditioner

At AC Repair Miami, we take pride on what we do, and we appreciate the history behind our industry, I hope this article brings some perspective into the magic of this technology.

The invention of the air conditioner is one of the reasons for the recent advancement of humanity. It’s easy to forget how life was prior to the existence of this magical cooling machine, especially for some of us that have never lived without it.

But if you sit take time, sit down, and think about it for a moment, that air conditioning unit that you now regard as just another part of your life is actually very important to our history and technology.

Without the power to cool things down, the modern process of manufacturing could not exist. Computer and other high technology machines that produce heat would not survive in modern times.

Many other modern creations and advancements like pharmaceutical facilities would have a hard time creating quality products.

How the air conditioner was created

willis carrier air conditionerIt all started back in 1902, when Willis Carrier created a system to handle the humidity of the press room he worked at. He needed to remove the humidity in order to improve the alignment of the machines.

Word started getting out about the effectiveness of this machine and soon after, thousands of businesses around the US were looking for their own solution, but what caught on more was the ability of this machine to cool down a room.

The first air conditioned office room was built about a year after, and in 1914 the Charles Gates mansion, located in Minneapolis became the first air conditioned home in the United States.

Carrier continued to perfect his unit, making it smaller and smaller. As it got smaller, his creation became part of other technologies, like cars, airplanes, and many other applications.

As time went on, the process changed, and chemicals and refrigerants were added to the process, making the cooling effect more efficient and powerful. Today, most systems use a form of the refrigeration system created by Thomas Midgley Jr in 1928.

How an air conditioner works

This cooling system is known as the refrigeration cycle. It all begins with a heat pump that pumps air out of the room into the outside. An electric motor drives a compressor connected to the heat pump.

This process creates evaporation, which is why most systems use a compressor to regulate the pressures inside the unit.

These regulations are then combined with refrigerants that are injected into the evaporation coils. This turns the heat into a condensed vapor that leaves that is then extracted to cause a drop in temperature. One fan pumps air thru the system, extracting heat from one side and sending cold air the other way.

The two main kinds of Air Conditioners

There are different types of air conditioners, and each one serves a specific purpose.

how-to-troubleshoot-an-air-conditioning-window-unit-1Window Air Conditioners – These systems are box like units that house a compact cooling system. They are commonly used in small offices or rooms. They are ideal for cooling small spaces and are very easy to install, but fall short when it comes to cooling larger rooms or full homes.

Modern technology has made them very energy efficient, but it is important to note that their power is still limited to cooling only small places.

Central Air Conditioning Systems – Most homes, especially on hotter areas of the country, use a central air conditioner system. These systems are also commonly used in offices and other commercial places.

The power of central AC units is that they can cool huge amounts of space, depending on the power of the unit itself. For a general understanding, a 1 ton unit can usually cool a 700sf room. To cool bigger places, you would need a bigger unit or multiple units when it comes to large buildings.

It is important to consult a professional and reputable company before deciding what units is right for you. If your system is too small, it will consume more energy and reduce lifetime usage.

If you tried to cool a 1000sf home with a one ton unit, that system would need to work a lot harder and run for longer periods to maintain the desired temperatures.

The opposite also applies. Getting a unit that is larger than what you need would render the system inefficient and cause other related problems to your home. The energy usage would also be higher because the system would constantly turn on and off.

This is why it’s important to consult a reputable company. They can determine the proper balance for your home, and also assess areas that might cause problems to the whole process.

One hundred years of technology and innovation have allowed us to enjoy the comforts and facilitations of the modern air conditioner. Take a minute and think about what your life would be like without your Air conditioning system, and you will soon gain an appreciation of the blessing this technology provides.

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